Adult Learners

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The SMTA is not just for younger students! Learning music as an adult can be a greatly enriching and enjoyable experience. The SMTA offers various programs and resources to adult learners. Click on the links below to learn more about each program.

Sonatina Festival

Students of all ages perform solos, duos, and in ensembles of any size and makeup an present information about the pieces and composers. There is no judging or ranking at this event; it is a chance to perform in a less formal setting for the entire community.

Music Artistry Program

In this program students of all ages and levels perform in a noncompetitive environment working one-on-one with highly respected Visiting Artists and receiving written comments and a certificate.

Music Literacy Program

This noncompetitive program consists of 10 progressive levels in five skill areas in a curriculum of independent music study: Written Theory, Technique/Applied Theory, Rhythm, Listening and Sight-Playing. The curriculum is coupled with an annual assessment which provides valuable feedback for teachers, students and parents through a written evaluation and individual scores in each area.

SMTA October Festival

This afternoon event is a celebration of live performance as a dynamic exchange between artist and audience. This is a music festival for students of all ages, and of all levels of difficulty, where students present commentary and perform free from competition and judges.

Adult Student Soirees: SMTA schedules these casual and enjoyable events three times a year at private homes throughout Seattle. The environment is positive and supportive. Beginning adult students are welcome!

Questions?  Please contact Adult Recital Chair Martha Garrett at

Find a Teacher

Whether you are new to music, picking it up again after a hiatus, or just want to improve your skills, working with a private teacher can be an enriching and rewarding experience. Click here to find a teacher or send us an email if you don’t see what you’re looking for.