Dorothy Woodcock Programs

Dorothy Woodcock Fund

Dorothy Woodcock was an SMTA member and Seattle area music teacher. When she passed away, she donated a portion of her estate to SMTA for the purpose of supporting music teaching profession in this region. This generous donation has been used to  provide student scholarships and to help grow SMTA programs and infrastructure for the past 10 years. Currently, a committee of SMTA members oversees how this generous donation is used to support the ongoing operations of STMA and provide dynamic programs to benefit our teacher and student community.

Ms. Woodcock taught piano to over 9000 students in a career that spanned more than 60 years. Read more about Ms. Woodcock’s life in this Seattle Times article from 2007.

Dorothy Woodcock Programs

The Dorothy Woodcock committee meets each year to make recommendations for the utilization of the generous donation the chapter received from Dorothy Woodcock’s estate in 2008. In addition to supporting the programs below, this fund supports in part many chapter recitals, SMTA festivals, and the Teacher Performance Showcases. Also, it helps to cover administrative costs for SMTA.

National Certification Stipend Certified Teacher seal

Chair: Tallman Welle
Encouraging and supporting SMTA teachers in obtaining their National Certification is a priority for SMTA. For this reason, this year SMTA will offer five $100 Stipends to teachers who have completed their National Certification.

MusicLink logoMusicLink Teachers Stipends

Chair: Amanda Snell
MusicLink stipends applications will re-open in November, 2018 and close when funds are exhausted.
This year four $500 Dorothy Woodcock MusicLink Teaching Stipends were awarded on a first-come first-serve basis to SMTA teachers who were registered through MusicLink and actively teaching students registered through MusicLink. (Please note that teachers are eligible for one stipend per year regardless of how many MusicLink students they are teaching.) The teaching stipend contributes to the MusicLink teacher’s reduced income since the MusicLink Foundation is not able to reimburse teachers for teaching at half of their normal fee.

Teacher Education Grant

Chair: Katie O’Rourke
The Dorothy Woodcock Teacher Education Grant assists teachers financially to attend workshops, lectures, master classes, or other learning situations. Excluded are degree programs and MTNA or affiliate sponsored programs or events. Grants are given for up to $150 per teacher per year for one event. There is a limit to the number of grants awarded annually. Click this link to apply online.

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