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  • Seattle Music Teachers Association is here to help you find the music teacher that best fits with the type of music, experience, location, or age range desired. By using a music teacher from SMTA, you’ll be able to participate in additional local, state, and national events to help grow your musical talents.

    Our music teachers cater to all types of musicians – from young children to adults, and new musical talent to experienced musicians. Our teachers include those from varying musical instruments and styles. To learn more about the benefits of SMTA for music students, please visit our For Students page. To locate a independent music teacher in your area, use the Find a Teacher Locator below.

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To search by area, please enter zip code into the “search locations” box. To search by instrument, click the “instruments” button.  To view the entire teacher profile, click the teachers name and then the “View Location Detail Button”.


For additional questions or help locating a teacher, please contact us.

Teachers: If you would like to be included in our Find a Teacher Locator, please contact us so you can find students looking for you!