Free Online Music Resource

The SMTA received a letter recently from Alfred Williams, ASCAP:


I’m an old man living in Shelton, Wa. I just had my 77th birthday, and thought it was time to contact some teachers regarding my website that my wife (royalady) decided that I needed to set up. I don’t teach anymore, but my website is a collection of music I have written over the years, primarily for my students. It contains sheet music and orchestral audio accompaniment that one can download and play along with. It’s all free, of course, and my sole purpose is to have it all out there as a free resource for those who wish to use it. I do hope you will have a looksee and decide for yourself. I also use to own the web based publishing company, Alfred Charles Co., Publisher, registered in WA. State at the time, and had the joy of helping some young composers from various countries.

Please do visit the website, and enjoy!
Best wishes,
Alfred Williams, ASCAP

If you’ve ever played or taught music, you have come across the Alfred Publishing Company! Please visit the website for free music and MIDI accompaniments posted by Mr. Williams, as well as some of the history behind the pieces he has composed.

Here are a couple of pieces of advice from Mr. Williams:

I am way older than is fair, for those of you racing toward my horizon, slow down and enjoy your life. 

Music education is the essence of beautiful and enduring music.