Seeking Website Bids

The SMTA is now seeking bids for a new website. We are looking to better serve our main audiences: music teachers, students, and the public, as well as our sponsors and the greater community. The SMTA seeks to bring independent music teachers together to form a supportive and learning community. SMTA member teachers utilize the website to find and sign up for opportunities for their students, learn about SMTA educational events, and apply for reimbursements and scholarships. Students and parents use the website to find teachers and to find events to attend and participate in. Others use the website to find interesting events to attend, search for teachers of different instruments, and to learn more about the resources or services our sponsors provide.

We hope to have a bid chosen and new website up and running as soon as possible. If you’re interested, don’t delay! For more information on this opportunity, contact the SMTA website committee via Eric Branner at [email protected]